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The Rural Woman Podcast

Apr 26, 2019

On this weeks episode of The Rural Woman Podcast, I sat down with the lovely Samantha Torres. She is a homesteader from Wisconsin with a passion for growing food and raising animals. 

For show notes, head on over to

Apr 19, 2019

On this weeks episode of The Rural Woman Podcast, I got to sit down and speak with social media and marketing maven Erin Roy of The Harvest Trail Agency.

Erin is a business owner and homesteader from New Mexico with a passion for authentic communication and connection. Listen in for some tips and tricks when it comes...

Apr 12, 2019

Tara Vander Dussen is a 5th generation Dairy Farmer, Environmental Scientist, President of the United Dairy Women, Wife to Milkman Dan and Mama to two little Milkmaids. 

If you follow along Tara on any of her social platforms, then you know she is a true Agvocate for the dairy industry. Dairy farmers have been taking...

Apr 5, 2019

Billi J. Miller is a photographer, author, speaker, writer, wife & mother to two beautiful daughters. Billi did not grow up in the agriculture world, but married in to it much the same as I did. Through her journey and finding her place in this unfamiliar way of life, she found her passion for the stories behind the...